RC BASIC has two ways of getting output to a text console.  The first way is the PRINT keyword shown here:

    Print "HELLO WORLD"
    Print 5

    The above example outputs HELLO WORLD to the console, goes to the next line, and outputs 5 to the console.  Since PRINT automatically adds a new line you may want to use the FPRINT function instead.  FPRINT works similiar to PRINT except it does not automatically go to the next line.

    FPrint("HELLO WORLD\n")

    The above line outputs HELLO WORLD to the console and the uses the "\n" escape character to go to the next line.  See the section on Escape Characters for more information on how escape characters work.

    To get input from the user you would use the INPUT$ function.  INPUT$ will display a prompt to the user and then get input from the console.


    The above example will ask the user WHAT IS YOUR NAME? and then store whatever the user types in into the variable USER_NAME$.