RCBasic v3.0.4

I know its been a long time coming but v3.0.4 is now up.  It has a lot of changes to the documentation and adds the FPS() function. There is also a number of bug fixes. And finally it greatly improves the performance on android. If there is any problems or anything that you think should be changed please address it on the forum.

RCBasic v3.0.3

RCBasic v3.0.3 is up. It fixes an issue with the INKEY function and sets the VSYNC flag on a window renderer by default. This should fix the screen tearing issues that was happening on some systems. I also changed the implementation of TIMER to use SDL’s timer rather than using the original implementation which uses clock() in C++ stl.

RCBasic v3.0

After almost a year of rewriting around 80% of rcbasic’s code and adding a few new functions, RCBasic v3.0 is officially out.

A new webpage

I have finally had time to get this webpage back up. I am hoping to build up the community with new content on youtube, new tutorials and better documentation, better support for android development, and more activity in the forums. I am also in the process of working on my on game but I have started from scratch and moving my whole game from v2.08 to v3.0.