1. When is [insert feature here] getting added to RCBasic?

I originally wanted to have several features by now that are still not implemented. While I will still continue to develop RCBasic further, I actually don’t plan on adding a whole lot of new features any time soon. The good news is its open source. So if you are a C++ programmer and want to add some new features I would more than welcome you to the project.

2. Why should I use RCBasic over an actual game engine?

If you are asking this, then you would probably be more satisfied using a game engine. RCBasic is programming language for games but it is not now nor do I ever intend for it to be an all-in-one game engine. The reason why this might be for you is if you are a programmer, want to learn programming, or just want something that allows you to use whatever tools you want to build your game.